Bangalore based leading manufacturer and supplier of modular household furniture, loft shutter, modular kitchen furniture, cots, crockery unit, sofa sets, work station, dressing table, vinyl flooring, study table, center table, partition, word robes, T.V suits/ entertainment center. Also engaged in false ceiling services, interior flooring services
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Modular Kitchen


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We stock a range of wardrobes in varying dimensions from around 3 ft wide up to 7ft, all deep enough to carry a modern coat hanger. Every wardrobe is an original antique, and only restored where necessary, by hand. This typically involves attending to any trim, feet, or paneling that might need to be repaired or replaced with matching antique timber. The breakdown type of wardrobe can be easily disassembled and reassembled, allowing the furniture to moved through awkward spaces and staircases, ensuring it can be placed in any location within your home.

We also stock static wardrobes, typically one, two or three door, all around 4 ft wide, as they cannot be deconstructed, and anything larger would be awkward to relocate.

Each piece in our dynamic piece of work, has its own inimitable and unique style. You can purchase from us wardrobes that are waxed, stained or painted in various colours, or purchase them in their original form, ready to paint or wax yourself. Feel free to browse our other collections, which include Modular Kitchen, Study Table, Work Station and false Ceiling.


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